Supreme Court defends Insurance Code while Republican legislatures try to destroy it

The Texas Supreme Court handed down a significant case on April 7, 2017, outlining the rights, duties, and remedies available to Texas policyholders. These rights are found in what we lawyers refer to as the Texas Insurance Code (“Code”). The Code provides protections against: 1. Unfair settlement practices 2. Misrepresentations 3. Late payments of insurance […]

Insurance companies and their lobbies paying a lot for change in the law

While Texas insurance companies are making money hand over fist, they are also claiming a litigation crisis is taking place that has forced them to alter and exclude certain coverages from their policies and increase premiums to policy holders. Meanwhile, insurance advocates are pressuring state lawmakers to change litigations laws that would adversely affect the […]

Insurance companies making record profits

At the same time insurance companies are asking for changes to the law protecting their customers, they are making record profits.  While neglecting to pay out to their policyholders, insurance companies have been fortunate enough to take in at least double the 10-year average percent of underwriting profit of direct premiums earned since 2012. According […]