Beaumont Bounce House Injury Lawyer

Texas Bounce House Accident Attorney

A child’s birthday party can turn tragic in an instant. Renting a bounce house should provide a fun physical activity, not to mention harmless horseplay. However, when that enclosure fails to maintain its structure and deflates, terrifying events lead to serious injuries. Since 1999, the attorneys at Brasher Law Firm, PLLC have handled unique personal injury claims that involve catastrophic injuries and fatalities.

Beaumont Bounce House Injury Attorney

Fairs and carnivals were once the sole domain of bounce houses. Enterprising entrepreneurs saw the possibility of parents renting them for special occasions involving children. Adults trusted the manufacturers and rental companies to ensure a safe environment and enjoyable experience.
The sudden and unexpected deflation of a bounce house can immediately trap the inhabitants. Air leaves the structure with the heavy material used to support it collapsing around innocent victims. Children can be injured trying to escape the defective bounce house, falling to the ground or colliding with other kids.
At Brasher Law Firm, PLLC, we attend to every detail of your claim and focus our efforts on the following to maximize your compensation:
  • Identify the responsible manufacturer, retailer, distributor or rental agent
  • Determine the hidden dangers in the inflatable structure and the negligent party’s actions to anticipate or prevent injuries to the accident victims
  • Assess and maximize a bounce house injury claim’s value
  • Find resolution through negotiation or litigation

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