Building & Home Damage

Has your homeowner insurance claim been denied?

As a homeowner, or the owner of any other building, your insurance policy gives you a sense of security. You know that you are covered in case of unexpected damages – or do you? Insurance companies are notoriously tricky when it comes to selling policies versus making payouts. When selling a policy, insurance agencies make promises and guarantees that they will cover you for certain types of damages up to a certain amount. Even so, when your building suffers such damages within the limits of your policy, such as tornado damage or hail damage, your insurance company may be hesitant to offer the payout you deserve.
The Brasher Law Firm, PLLC is an Oklahoma firm that focuses extensively on bad faith insurance cases. If your claim has been wrongfully denied, or if the payout you’ve been offered is less than you should receive under your policy, do not give in to your insurance company. Speak with an Oklahoma bad faith insurance attorney from our firm right away. Most insurance companies “test” their policyholders by denying their claim or offering minimal coverage, hoping that the insured won’t fight it or retain a lawyer. Once you hire an attorney, your insurance company may be much more likely to offer the compensation you need to cover your damages.

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Do not let your insurance agency get away with unethical treatment of their customers. Fill out our firm’s free case evaluation today to learn exactly what a lawyer can do for you. Our firm has 22 years of combined experience. We focus on honesty, integrity, and dedication when handling our clients’ cases and we have a strong track record of success. Contact us right away for the capable representation that you need to recover damages for your home or other building.