Failure to Investigate a Claim

Insurance Company Negligence & Bad Faith

Most people who purchase insurance fail to realize a very important fact – insurance companies are not in the business of paying on the claims that their policyholders file. The fact is that insurance companies make money by selling claims and then paying as little as possible on those claims, if anything at all. If your home,commercial property,church property, or other building has been damaged due to circumstances outside of your control, do not expect your insurance company to offer an adequate payout without a fight. In many cases, policyholders fall prey to insurance agency negligence, particularly when their agency fails to investigate their claim.
After an accident or natural disaster causes serious damage to your property, you may find comfort in the knowledge that you have insurance. This comfort could be shattered when you are paid a paltry amount of money from your insurance company as compensation when they never even sent an adjuster to evaluate the damage! When an insurance agency makes a quote, reduces your claim, or makes a payout without first sending an adjuster to investigate the damages, it is a form of bad faith insurance and can be fought with help from an Oklahoma bad faith insurance attorney.

Retain a Bad Faith Insurance Lawyer in Oklahoma

Take immediate action to recover your damages if you’ve suffered property damage, but your insurance company has failed to investigate your claim. The Brasher Law Firm, PLLC can help you hold them accountable for their negligence and acts of bad faith. Our firm has more than 20 years of combined experience and provides honest, respectful counsel. We treat each client as an individual instead of a case number and we pay close attention to detail in order to maximize each client’s results.

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