Long Term Care Insurance Claims


Insurance coverage for long term care has become increasingly popular due in large part to the high costs of health care, particularly for the elderly. Insurance companies often look for excuses to not pay for legitimate claims for long term care benefits. Our Texas bad faith insurance lawyer can push for your rights as a policyholder if your benefits are being reduced or denied.
Brasher Law Firm, PLLC was founded specifically to advocate for the rights of those whose insurance companies were not fulfilling their contractual obligations. Our more than 20 years of passionate representation on behalf of policyholders has resulted in our membership in the Million Dollar Advocates Forum® and the Texas Trial Lawyers Association Top 100 Lawyer. You can count on our firm to fight on your behalf if your insurer has acted in bad faith.


Many insurance companies have taken to scrutinizing long term care policies as life expectancies increase. This results in denying claims and benefits for policyholders, often for spurious reasons.
Typical reasons given for denial of benefits include:
  • No medical necessity for treatments or benefits
  • Coverage lapse due to unpaid premiums
  • Care provider is not covered by the policy
  • Services provided by caregivers or family members are excluded form coverage
  • Insurers require an unreasonable amount of documentation for your claim
  • Hospitalization or nursing home confinement required
Whether your insurance company is attempting to limit the care you need, minimize it, or deny your claim altogether, our Texas bad faith insurance attorney can fight back to recover the benefits you deserve as a policyholder.


It is common for insurance companies to deny benefits for the sake of their bottom line and sometimes claim the amount of care received from a nursing home is more than what is needed. Other times policyholders will have paid all their premiums before the insurance company will try and persuade them into a different benefits package at a higher rate.
These deceptive practices mean you need a staunch defender to you can pay for the care you need. Brasher Law Firm, PLLC can carefully examine your policy and determine if you have a case against your insurer and can provide you with the competent and aggressive representation you need if your claim is being reduced or denied.
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