Industrial Plant Shutdown Injuries

Plant Shutdown Injury Attorney

Hard-working staff members in industrial plants recognize the dangers they face, specifically the risk of injury and death. They are trained to handle their tasks under challenging circumstances. They are educated on quality standards that must be adhered to on a daily basis. Yet, when necessary shutdowns occur, the rush to resume operations compromises their safety.
At Brasher Law Firm, PLLC, our Beaumont personal injury lawyers represent those injured when a specific area of an industrial plant is shut down to replace large parts and upgrade operations. Plant operators and maintenance workers are joined by pipe fitters, ironworkers, concrete workers, carpenters, hydro cleaners, construction/scaffold workers and electricians. Various staff and contractors are squeezed into one area to save time. Daily dangers can turn deadly.

Beaumont Industrial Plant Shutdown Injury Attorney

Our lawyers have handled numerous injury litigation cases involving plant shutdowns and turnarounds. Cases are complex with multiple trades and chains of command. Multiple bosses fail to communicate with each other or coordinate tasks with contractors. We attend to every detail and get to the facts, teaming with industry experts to:
  • Identify the responsible company/individual
  • Determine the hidden dangers in the plant shutdown/turnaround and the negligent party’s actions to anticipate or prevent injuries
  • Assess and maximize the value of complex claims
  • Resolve cases through negotiation or litigation

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