Texas Water Damage Claims


Water damage claims are among the most common types of homeowner’s insurance claims in Texas. In many cases, the policy holder is seeking payment for costs associated with repair or rebuilding after a hurricane along the Gulf Coast, while in others the water damage is the result of flooding caused by heavy rains. In addition to natural disaster claims, homeowners may pursue coverage for water damage caused by bursting plumbing pipes or malfunctioning home appliances.
Not all types of water damage are covered, but litigation may be required if claims are:
Water damage does not generally qualify for insurance coverage when it is caused by conditions occurring within the property and about which the policy holder knew or reasonably should have known yet failed to address. For example, if your house was flooded by leaking pipes in the plumbing system, you probably will not be able to recover payment through your insurance policy. It is also important to note that flood damage is not covered by homeowner’s insurance, but falls under the coverage of a separate flood insurance policy.
Water damage can have devastating consequences for a home or other property. Not only will the water typically cause serious problems in terms of ruining carpet or hardwood floors, furniture and personal possessions, but it will also frequently result in the development of mold. To prevent the buildup of mold, it is necessary to take swift action to dry up as much of the water as possible, to maximize circulation in the property and to put up a tarp or other measures to keep additional water out. In many cases, such as in the aftermath of a hurricane, it is not possible to take such measures quickly enough to avoid mold buildup.


Recovering payment for water damage is sometimes challenging given the fact that there may be a dispute between the flood insurance provider and the homeowner’s insurance company as to whether the water damage was caused by the flood or by other conditions. In other cases, the policy holder is met with unreasonable claim delays or unreasonable denial of benefits. You have already been through enough, and we believe that you should not have to fight with the insurance company over the value of your claim. Let us advocate on your behalf and hold the insurance company accountable for bad faith!

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