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Churches are nonprofit groups that obtain income through donations and tithes. In most cases, a church’s only means of affording damage repairs is with the help of their insurance. This can become problematic when their insurance company fails to uphold their end of the agreement and denies the church’s claim or offers a less-than-adequate payout. Just like a business, church leaders have the right to file a claim for bad faith insurance when their claim is wrongfully denied.

The Brasher Law Firm, PLLC handles all types of bad faith insurance claims and is more than capable of helping your church recover damages for such a case. The moment you retain a lawyer, your chances of winning maximum compensation increase exponentially. Insurance companies pay little attention to their policyholders’ complaints until the policyholders retain counsel. With an Oklahoma bad faith insurance attorney by your side, your insurance company will know that you mean business. Our firm can help you hold them accountable for their acts of bad faith and can obtain the coverage and compensation that you need to cover the damages that your church has sustained.

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Brasher Law Firm, PLLC handles all types of bad faith insurance claims across Oklahoma, including tornado damage, hail damage, and insurance agency negligence, and other cases. Our attorneys demonstrate integrity, honesty, and dedication in every case they handle, working directly with each client and treating them as an individual instead of just a case number.

We truly care for the outcome of each client’s case. We are also very organized and digitize everything so that it is portable and easily accessible at all times. Learn more about how we can handle your case by filling out our free case evaluation. We are here to help, so contact us today!


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When we went to make a claim for the damage to our church, we were told that we had no insurance. Nobody would take my case because it involved the ‘errors and omissions’ of our agent. Well, I found a lawyer in The Brasher Law Firm that not only accepted my case, but was always available to talk with me on the phone. Clint Brasher took a case that no other lawyer would take and turned it into a substantial settlement for our church. Thank you.

Reverend Timothy AndersonMount Moriah Baptist Church, Beaumont, Texas

I was referred to Nishi and Brasher Law Firm after my father had trouble getting paid for a claim from his insurance company. Not only did I find Nishi to be prompt, courteous and professional… but she was also extremely knowledgeable and efficient. There aren’t enough available stars for my family to express our gratitude for her service! Thank You!

D. Ware