Providing Insight into a Career in Law to Local Students

    Brasher Law Firm attorney Clint Brasher participated in the Southeast Texas Career Expo for area high schools.  As a member of the Jefferson County Bar Association, he volunteered to talk to students interested in a career in law.  He spoke to them about all of the different things you can do with a law degree.  Thousands of area students attended. […]

    Brasher Speaks to Local Students on Constitution Day

    September 17, 2016 marks 229 years since the Founding Fathers of the United States signed the Constitution. The Earhart School, a Beaumont area charter school, celebrated by inviting Clint Brasher to speak to an assembly of students. Clint is passionate about the Constitution and taught the assembly why we needed it, how it works, and gave some current examples of […]

    Lightning Damage Insurance Claims

    According to the National Weather Service, severe storms in and around Brownsville, TX from August 17 to 20, 2015 caused flooding, hail, high winds, and dangerous lightening. A lightning storm map tracked over 17,000 air to ground lightning strikes in just two days. Lightning storms are prevalent in the south and, even though the storms in August were severe, even […]

    How Much is My Personal Injury Claim Worth?

    While there is no guaranteed calculator to assign an exact monetary value to your personal injury claim, you can analyze the circumstances of your case to get a general idea of what to expect and pursue. It is also important to note that each case is different and the ultimate settlement or verdict depends upon the amount of evidence – […]

    Apartments Seek Reinstatement of $4 Million Insurance Verdict from Ike

    When Hurricane Ike struck Galveston in 2008, it caused damage and insurance disputes for countless homes and properties. JAW The Pointe LLC knows of this damage and the following legal complications more than most. After purchasing the property just a year before the hurricane hit, the owners secured a group policy with Lexington for numerous two-story buildings that also provided up to $25 million in insurance […]

    Getting the Advantage Over a Claims Adjuster

    When you sustain an injury or experience damage to your home, an insurance company will send a claims adjuster to investigate your claim and determine the settlement amount you deserve. In order to establish the extent of the insurer’s liability, these adjusters will collect medical bills, interview witnesses and even seek the advice of outside professionals. In order to give yourself an advantage over a […]

    Avoid Being Victimized By Fraudulent Insurance Companies

    “Insurance fraud” is commonly conceived as a homeowner staging a burglary in order to collect reparations from the insurance company, or a business owner burning his or her facility to the ground to do the same. Unfortunately, this dilemma works both ways. Insurance fraud occurs across all insurance sectors. These fraudulent companies operate through mail proposals, magazine or newspaper advertisements, […]

    Can I Still Seek Compensation If I Was Partially at Fault?

    If you were recently injured in an accident, for which you could be partially at fault, you may be wondering whether or not you still have the right to seek compensation. In Texas, all personal injury cases are subject to the state’s “modified comparative negligence” rule. This means that you could still file a claim against the other party as […]

    Overview of the Longshoremen and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act

    Essentially, longshoremen are employees of stevedoring companies who load and unload ships. Legally, longshoremen are employed as “non-seamen.” Their work is stressful and demanding. They are responsible for properly loading thousands of tons of dead weight in such a way that won’t damage the ship or its crew. Companies seek experienced longshoremen to organize loading and unloading, and operate the […]