Top 5 Mistakes Homeowners Make When Making a Hurricane Claim

    Not taking their own pictures and video of damage and assuming the insurance company will perform this documentation. Document your damage. Throwing away evidence before the insurance company inspects. From personal belongings to wet carpet, don’t throw anything away yet. Just put it in a pile in the yard. Waiting to make the claim. While you need to make temporary […]

    Top 5 Things to Do When You Return Home After a Storm

    Be extra CAUTIOUS of hidden dangers from downed power lines, snakes, broken glass, Covid-19 exposure, etc.  Be aware of and follow orders from your county or parish.  INSPECT your property and look for:  Missing shingles (look at the roof and in the yard) Missing metal, flashing, gutters, facia, soffit Exposed decking on roof. If roof decking is visible, water intrusion in your home has occurred.   Yard debris Interior water damage. Look for stains, bubbled paint, […]