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In mid-September, 2008, Hurricane Ike hit land in Texas for the first time in 25 years. The damage inflicted on the entire Gulf Coast area where the hurricane wreaked most of its harm is said to have reached around $29.5 billion, not including its effect on the Bahamas, Cuba, Turks, Caicos and other islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Not only did it result in horrific property damage, but it also was the reason for 195 fatalities. One of the major reasons its damage reached so far was due to the sheer size of the storm, causing major surges of water to be pushed onto shore. Many homes were completely wiped out; others were left with nothing but a pile of debris and a frame of where a house used to stand.

Qualified Texas Hurricane Damage Lawyers

Despite the fact that it has been 5 years since this fateful event, there is unavoidably still damage to be repaired and lives to be rebuilt. Insurance companies have not made it easy on the victims of Hurricane Ike, and many are acting in bad faith. At Brasher Law Firm, PLLC, we understand the stress and strain that you must be going through if you are still recovering from Hurricane Ike or any other harsh storm.

There is no reason you should have to deal with the aftermath on your own. Get in touch with Beaumont hurricane attorney, Clint Brasher, a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum®, to see how he may be able to best assist you with your hurricane damage claim.

In 2012, Brasher Law Firm, PLLC, was able to secure an award of $94,694.72 for a client who faced a stubborn insurance provider in the wake of Hurricane Ike. Read more about this case and discover how our attorneys can fight for your property.

What Will a Hurricane Damage Claim Cover?

The answer to this question is entirely dependent upon your insurance provider, your specific situation and how well the damage is documented so that you can prove it to your insurance company. There are certain things that you can seek out compensation for and with the help of a qualified Texas bad faith insurance lawyer, you could attain financial restitution. See the following list:

Damaged Home/Property

This may seem obvious but it can get complicated when trying to figure out the value of every piece of furniture, clothing, electronics and the value of your house prior to the hurricane. You will most likely have to make home improvements of some kind in order to restore your home to a proper living space. Your insurance company should cover that work.

Having a Temporary Place to Live

While you are figuring out the condition of your place of residence, you will most likely need to stay in a hotel or rent out another place until you can move back in. Insurance should help pay for any additional living expenses, potentially for up to 24 months.

Fixing Your Car

In heavy storms, brutal damage can be inflicted on cars, trucks, boats and other vehicles. Especially in the event that you need your car to get to and from work or to care for your family, insurance should help cover the repairs needed.

No matter how bad the damage is, you should never be left to handle it on your own. Natural disasters like hurricanes and other tropical storms are completely out of your hands. Do not assume that you cannot receive the kind of help you need.

Retaining a Texas Hurricane Damage Lawyer Who Has Been There

Attorney Brasher has not only assisted numerous families in the aftermath of Hurricane Rita, Hurricane Humberto, Hurricane Dolly and Hurricane Irene, he has experience first-hand damage to his own property from Hurricane Rita. With this understanding of the types of emotions you must be experiencing and level of strain that you are under, his goal is to make the legal process as smooth and simple as possible. Over twenty years of experience has taught him essential skills that are necessary when negotiating with insurance providers that are operating under bad faith. He has been included in the list of Texas Super Lawyers® Rising Stars for 2005 and 2006, denoting his outstanding work in the field.

Additionally, you can rely on Attorney Brasher as he is a Board Certified Personal Injury Trial Law attorney. This is accomplished only after intense testing and a commitment to remaining up to date with Texas state laws. There are other requirements that must be met, making this a great honor to be included in such an elite group. Offering services in both English and Spanish, do not hesitate to take advantage of our firm’s exemplary services and fill out our free case evaluation form today.

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My company was over-matched by our insurance company before we hired The Brasher Law Firm. Before we retained your attorneys as counsel, we were being offered pennies on the dollar for the property damage caused by Hurricane Ike at our 6 convenient stores. With the help of your firm, we were able to maximize our recovery.

Walled Khan President of MAKAS Management, Inc., Port Arthur, Texas

After the hurricane my life as I knew it had totally changed stressing day after day especially the rainy days those where the worse when it rained outside it rained inside my dream house Falling Apart Right Before my eyes…you know the saying when it rains it pours not only did I have to deal with that at the same time I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and had two small kids this was there home.. I am truly grateful that I was recommended to go to Brasher Law Firm having someone to truly listen and let me know everything was going to work out. At the time I knew nothing about filling a lawsuit but Clint Brasher and his staff was truly a blessing to me and my family it has been a long journey but they were with me every step of the way and I am forever grateful.

LaTosha Lewis homeowner in Beaumont, Texas