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Texas law mandates that all insurance companies provide their insured with a certain fiduciary obligation. This means that insurance companies are required to treat them in good faith and fair dealing; however, this does not always happen. When insurance companies engage in deceptive or unfair practices, it is considered insurance bad faith. Most litigation is rooted in an insurance company’s failure or refusal to comply with their duties under the Texas Insurance Code. This may take shape in many forms, such as neglecting to pay an insured or provide proper coverage after a serious storm.

When an insured takes action in response to a bad faith insurance incident, they can recover statutory penalties, increased compensation, and coverage for all legal fees. However, insurance companies are often prepared, hiring out legal teams to fight suits on their behalves. If you find yourself in a similar position, we encourage you to reach out to Brasher Law Firm, PLLC right away. Our experienced Texas bad faith insurance attorneys are here to help you rebuild after any type of disaster.

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Identifying Acts of Bad Faith by Insurance Companies

Determining whether or not an insurance company has acted in bad faith can be challenging, but it is crucial to find out where you stand before trying to take action. If they have treated you in bad faith, you may be able to take legal action against them to rectify the situation and obtain the just outcome you deserve.

There are numerous issues that may indicate bad faith insurance practices, including:

  • Failure to fully investigate a claim an individual made
  • Unreasonable denial of benefits to an insured
  • Underpaying a claim rather than providing the fair amount
  • Denying or delaying a claim for excessive amounts of time
  • Refusing to settle with an insured in order to enforce lower payment
  • Cancelling a policy without any proper justification

If you believe any of these issues are present in your case, you should not delay in talking to a bad faith insurance lawyer about your situation. The sooner you act, the stronger your claim will likely be.

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When insurance companies use these unethical practices and tactics, they are most likely willing and ready to take clients on in litigation. That is why it is so important to have a legal advocate who is well-versed in handling these types of claims. At Brasher Law Firm, PLLC, that is exactly what you will find. We are board-certified attorneys in Beaumont, Houston and Lake Charles who have been included in the National trial Lawyers: Top 100 and are members of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum®. We make sure to closely review your case, helping you determine the issues at fault and how to move forward with a claim. We are not afraid to take on big insurance companies and are ready to go above and beyond for your case!

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I was scared to death after being on the witness stand for several hours. Clint Brasher kept reassuring me but, when we broke the trial for the day and I was offered $100,000.00, I wanted to take it. Clint advised me not to and that we would do better with the jury. While it was hard, I followed his advice. The verdict the next day was for $240,000.00 plus interest. I recommend anyone with a legal problem to call Clint Brasher. He was not only a skillful advocate, he was a friend to me during this difficult time.

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