Hit by a distracted driver? Learn more about your rights.

As cell phone capabilities continue to expand, so does the public’s dependency on them. Unfortunately, that dependency has made its way onto our roadways. Despite numerous local ordinances against it, many drivers don’t think twice about sending a text while they are traveling down the interstate. This type of behavior puts everyone on the road at risk for a potentially fatal car accident. There is no excuse for the accidents that are caused by negligent drivers’ insistence on texting while driving, and our Beaumont personal injury lawyers work tirelessly to see that they are held accountable for the harm they cause.

What the Law Says About Texting & Driving in Texas

Unfortunately, Texas is one of the few remaining states that have yet to institute a state-wide bad on texting while driving. While many are in favor of such a ban, state legislature does not make it illegal to use your cell phone while behind the wheel; however, a number of cities have enacted ordinances that prohibit texting while driving—including some of the larger cities like Austin, El Paso and San Antonio.

That is also not to say that a driver would be free from liability if they caused an accident as a result of distracted driving. With the help of an injury attorney from Brasher Law Firm, PLLC, you can fight to prove that you deserve financial compensation for the losses that you have suffered. The insurance company may try to bully you into settling your claim, but you should not hesitate to explore your options.

Fight for the Level of Compensation You Deserve

The injuries that result from distracted driving accidents can be extremely severe, namely due to the fact that many of these collisions happen at high speeds. When a driver sends a text while driving, it is necessary for that person to take his or her eyes off the road for the time it takes to compose and send the message. This can often be a minute or more. If traffic stops ahead and the driver is not paying attention, there is little chance that they will be able to hit the brakes before impact. This can lead to serious or even catastrophic injuries for both the victim and the at-fault driver.

If you were hit by a distracted driver, you may be able to seek damages for:
  • Medical expenses and hospital bills
  • Property damage / vehicle repairs
  • Costs of emergency transportation
  • Lost income (both past and future)
  • Pain and suffering / emotional trauma

Turn to Brasher Law Firm, PLLC for Help with Your Claim

When you hire a lawyer from our firm, we will pursue every available option in an effort to secure the compensation you need to recover from your injuries—whether that means negotiating a fair settlement with the other driver’s insurance company or taking your case to trial. Furthermore, when you work with the team at Brasher Law Firm, PLLC, you will have a board certified personal injury specialist on your side.

Clint Brasher has been certified by the Texas Board of Legal Certification, placing him among the 10% of all practicing lawyers in the state who have achieved this level of expertise. As members of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum®, we have also proven that we are more than capable of securing the high-value verdicts and settlements that our clients deserve. Call now to learn more; you don’t pay unless we win!

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I was scared to death after being on the witness stand for several hours. Clint Brasher kept reassuring me but, when we broke the trial for the day and I was offered $100,000.00, I wanted to take it. Clint advised me not to and that we would do better with the jury. While it was hard, I followed his advice. The verdict the next day was for $240,000.00 plus interest. I recommend anyone with a legal problem to call Clint Brasher. He was not only a skillful advocate, he was a friend to me during this difficult time.

Edward Arabie

After being told by multiple lawyers that I really had no case or that my chances of being awarded any settlement was very slim, I was referred to the Brasher Law firm. Nishi worked on my case and with very little effort on my part, she put together my case with an opening statement and presentation that put my opponent on their heels. She set a goal from the start and didn’t relent until her goal was met and I got what was owed me. Thank you Nishi for knocking it out of the park!

L. Smith