The Importance of Understanding What Your Policy Covers

Insurance companies are in the business of making money, which means that they may do anything they can to avoid or reduce the payments they owe to their policyholders. We at Brasher Law Firm, PLLC are available and prepared to help you take action against an insurance provider who acts in bad faith, and want to provide you with resources to empower you.

One of the most effective and common methods that insurance agencies use to avoid payment of benefits is by taking advantage of the fact that their policy holders are not always aware of what their policy covers. This naiveté allows a provider to mislead customers into believing that the damage they are claiming is not covered, and they will often intentionally use complicated language to confuse and discourage you from questioning it. Our Beaumont bad faith insurance attorneys have the experience and legal knowledge you need to help decipher your claim denial or low settlement offer to determine if you have grounds to fight it.

What Does My Insurance Cover?

Insurance policy language is difficult for the layperson to understand, and if you are told that you were not covered and not eligible for a settlement, this may be false. It is vital that you review your insurance policy to understand your coverage so that you can recognize when an insurance provider is acting in bad faith.

A typical homeowner’s insurance policy might cover the following:
  • House damages – damage to the structure of the home itself
  • Damages to other edifices – damage to unattached structures on the property
  • Personal belongings – property contents, including jewelry, appliances, furniture, etc.
  • Additional living expenses – finances required for a policy holder to maintain their standard of living following damages, including the price of hotels, food, and gasoline
  • Personal liability – lawsuits or claims regarding accidents to visitors on your property
  • Medical expenses – medical attention or treatment required for injured persons

Denials and Refusals to Defend You in a Lawsuit

There are many reasons why it is in your best interest to have a full comprehension of what your insurance policy covers, because there is a multitude of ways that a provider can take advantage of you if you do not. An insurance company may use the following bad faith practices by citing lack of coverage:

Our Texas insurance bad faith lawyers want you to know that you don’t have to accept a denial or underpayment that claims your policy does not cover the damage. Additionally, if you are found to be responsible for a vehicular accident, you expect your insurance company to pay the injured party’s damages, and defend you if you were not actually responsible for the accident. Refusal to do so may mean that an insurance company is failing to uphold the terms of your policy and should be held accountable.

You Deserve the Coverage You Were Promised

If you have been faithfully paying your premium to your insurance provider, you may be shocked by a claim denial or underpayment. Your insurance company could be acting in bad faith, and you owe it to yourself and to your family to take action. By understanding the coverage that you are entitled to under your policy, you can recognize when you are being treated unfairly.

At Brasher Law Firm, PLLC, we want to help you fight for the full and fair settlement that you deserve. We are a highly credentialed and experienced bad faith insurance law firm, and are dedicated to seeing all of our clients succeed. We will work with you one-on-one to answer any questions you may have and determine how best to aggressively fight on your behalf. We offer free case evaluations, which means that you have nothing to lose by taking the first step.

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I was very impressed with the Brasher Law Firm and the help of Nishi Kothari. Always in constant communication and keeping me informed with my case and explaining to me what was going on and taking place. Very easy process and very helpful with getting my case settled and resolved. I would definitely recommend this law firm to others that may have or experience the same problems I had with my insurance company.

David Faith

Our claim was complicated by the fact that our Declarations page did not correctly state the coverages for our commercial buildings. Without your firm, we had gotten nowhere with the insurance company or agent. With the help of The Brasher Law Firm, we not only received the money we needed to fix our buildings, but a little more. I have no problem recommending your firm to anyone with an insurance dispute.

Glenda ThompsonSecretary/Treasurer of Snappy’s Express Mart (relating to Snappy’s Convenience Store and Mini Storage Units)