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When your insurance acts in bad faith, it can be very frustrating and overwhelming. While you expect them to look out for your interests, their end goal is to protect their bottom line. Paying a fair settlement out in your case may not always align with their goals. That is why bad faith claims continually arise.

At Brasher Law Firm, PLLC, our Texas bad faith lawyers have been advocating for clients for countless years. We know how challenging these types of cases can be, which is why we extend compassionate and zealous legal representation to victims of bad faith insurance. You don’t have to carry the legal burden alone when you have our firm on your side! Call us now to learn more about how to file your claim.

Steps to Follow If You Have a Claim

It can seem unreasonable for insurance companies to engage in such underhanded tactics, but bad faith insurance does happen and often leaves the insured to fend for themselves. What should you do if you believe you have a claim? Adhering to certain guidelines can help you put forward the best claim possible.

Make sure you follow these steps if you are planning to file a bad faith claim:
  • Continue paying your premiums on time and in full
  • Review your policy closely with your legal advocate to target key policy violations
  • Gather all information, documentation, and records pertaining to the case
  • Go over your case with your lawyer, providing as many details as possible
  • Make sure you submit your claim within the statute of limitations

One of the key tips you can remind yourself to follow is to put everything you can in writing. This does not just refer to the claim, but to any communications you have with your insurance adjuster. The more documentation you have to support your claims, the better. Memory can also begin to play tricks on people, so writing everything down after a phone call or saving emails can go a long way in strengthening a case.

It is also crucial that you bring a lawsuit forward before the statute of limitations runs out, which is typically two years in the state of Texas. If you fail to act within this timeframe, you could lose your rights to sue and essentially be left without the fair settlement you deserve.

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I was very impressed with the Brasher Law Firm and the help of Nishi Kothari. Always in constant communication and keeping me informed with my case and explaining to me what was going on and taking place. Very easy process and very helpful with getting my case settled and resolved. I would definitely recommend this law firm to others that may have or experience the same problems I had with my insurance company.

David Faith

I was referred to Nishi and Brasher Law Firm after my father had trouble getting paid for a claim from his insurance company. Not only did I find Nishi to be prompt, courteous and professional… but she was also extremely knowledgeable and efficient. There aren’t enough available stars for my family to express our gratitude for her service! Thank You!

D. Ware