Winter weather has wreaked havoc for property owners across the state. As temperatures dropped, homes, hospitals, and businesses saw pipes freeze, then break, causing damage that can easily spiral into the thousands of dollars to repair, including damaged electrical work, rusted pipes, significant water damage, and damage to your possessions.  

For Texas Insurance Companies, Denying or Underpaying Your Burst Pipe Claim Is Standard Operating Procedure

In winter and throughout the entire year, our lawyers at Brasher Law Firm hear from people all over the state struggling with their insurance companies. Despite customers paying their premiums on time each and every month, Texas insurance providers are delaying, denying, and underpaying their claims. This isn’t a game, and the consequences can be serious, potentially leaving individuals and their families without running water for days and even weeks, not to mention the damage that still needs to be prepared.  

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t have to spend hours going back and forth with your insurance company or paying out of pocket to repair damage because they believe paying your claim is going to hurt their bottom line. Brasher Law Firm has seen this time and time again. As a matter of fact, fighting insurance companies working in bad faith is our full-time job. We’ve seen their playbook. And we know how to win.  

What to Do When an Insurance Company Denies, Delays, or Underpays Your Burst Pipe Claim

Insurance companies lose money any time they pay out on a claim. In major events, like the winter storm that recently came to Texas, that means a loss of millions of dollars. Insurance companies don’t like hearing that, and hire smart, hardworking attorneys to keep that from happening. The good news is that our attorneys are better, and they’re working for you. If you’ve suffered a pipe burst and/or water damage and your insurance company is fighting your claim, your course is clear: document EVERYTHING and contact Brasher Law Firm TODAY.  

Our attorneys offer a free review of your case and will help you take the steps necessary to ensure your damage is covered. 

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I couldn’t understand why my insurance company underpaid me for the damage to my house. Rather than look for damage at my home, their experts came in and found excuses not to pay for my damage. My home was a total loss, but the insurance company only offered me 1/3 of my policy benefits before I hired Clint Brasher. Once Clint started litigating for me, the insurance company paid the full policy.

Phyllis Wheelerhomeowner in Beaumont, Texas

My wife and I, and all 12 kids, had hail damage on our home and property, and Mr. Brasher helped us get a rather large settlement against a very stingy and defiant State Farm. Mr. Brasher is a high powered attorney who is not intimidated by State Farms best attorneys. In fact, State Farms best was not good enough because we won our case and sent State Farm back to the drawing board. If you need an attorney who will help you in your time of need, then look no further because Mr. Brasher will go above and beyond to help you and your family, just like he did for me and my family. Not only was he my attorney, but now we consider him to be our friend and part of the family.

Robert and Rebecca MacKeenAmarillo, Texas