In 2021, We Paid $2.1M in Referral Fees

Hurricane Ida created a trail of destruction across Louisiana second only to the record-breaking damage of Hurricane Katrina. But while forces of nature cannot be held accountable for the damage they cause, corrupt insurance companies can be.  

Hurricane Ida and Insurance Claim Denials 

In the wake of Hurricane Ida, there have been an overwhelming number of cases of insurance claim underpayment and denial. This behavior is nothing new in the insurance industry, but it reaches a new level of greed in the face of the destructive aftermath of Ida.  

During Hurricane Laura and Delta, we helped over 500 families and business owners with their insurance claims. After assessing their damages, only 1 of those 500 cases matched what the insurance company was claiming.

Uninformed policyholders are finding the door slammed shut, left with very little as insurance companies allow them to go homeless and penniless. We’ve seen the heartbreaking impact this has had on our clients.  

Connecting Your Clients to the Resources They Need 

Brasher Law Firm accepts referrals from attorneys and law firms related to Hurricane Ida insurance claims. Going up against big insurance requires extensive time, effort, and expense.  

We understand that many firms and solo practitioners simply don’t have the resources to give their clients the representation they need to gain fair insurance compensation in the aftermath of Ida.  

We have a team of experts including general contractors and structure engineers to ensure we know the actual cost of repairs for our clients’ homes. These existing, trusted relationships are part of what helps us be so successful with these cases.

When you know you can’t give a client the representation they deserve, Brasher Law Firm is here to help. We give nothing but the best for our clients, and we’ll give nothing but the best for yours.    

A Track Record of Beating Bad Faith Insurance 

Brasher Law Firm specializes in standing up to big insurance companies on behalf of individuals. We’ve made a name for ourselves fighting bad faith insurance in Louisiana, and we have a special passion for fighting back when insurance claim underpayment and denial impact people after an unavoidable natural disaster.  

Brasher Law Firm has a track record of success with cases of bad faith insurance. We’re not afraid to take our cases to trial, and we’ve found that sometimes this is necessary to earn our clients the outcomes they deserve.   

We understand that the decision to refer a client isn’t always an easy one. We respect referring attorneys for making the choice that will likely ensure that their clients see the justice they deserve.  

In 2021 alone, we paid out $2.1 million in referral fees. We know that no matter the size or resources of a firm, as attorneys, we share the goal of bringing justice to those most in need of skilled legal representation fighting on their behalf. 

If you’re seeking to aid clients impacted by insurance policies in the wake of Hurricane Ida, Brasher Law Firm can help. Contact our firm and let’s discuss how to connect your clients with the resources they need to take back their lives.