Was your injury caused by a defective car?

As consumers of vehicles, we want to be able to trust that the cars we purchase are safe and reliable. Since technology is constantly advancing toward higher standards of efficiency and safety, these are not unrealistic expectations. Automobile companies are responsible for conducting all necessary tests to ensure their products are suitable for driving before distributing them. If a faulty design or manufacturing error results in a defect, the results can be deadly. At Brasher Law Firm, PLLC, we have made it our mission to represent victims of product defects against negligent automobile companies.

If you have been injured or lost a loved one due to the negligent manufacturing of your vehicle, you need a Beaumont personal injury attorney with proven success. Clint Brasher not only has numerous accolades and references from his peers and past clients, but he has also been board certified in personal injury trial law, which makes him an expert in his field. With an AV Preeminent® rating from Martindale-Hubbell®, you can be confident that your case is in the right hands.

Common Automobile Defects

An automobile is made up of numerous parts, and the function of each is essential to its successful operation. If any one piece is manufactured poorly or inadequately, the entire vehicle becomes hazardous. Thus, automobile companies are expected to be thorough and diligent in their manufacturing practices.

Our team of legal professionals will conduct a comprehensive investigation to find any defects that may have been the cause of your accident. We are prepared to face any automobile company to hold them accountable for the consequences of their negligence.

We can represent personal injury cases involving:
  • Tire defects
  • Air bag defects
  • Seat belt defects
  • Design defects leading to roof crush injuries
  • Electrical defects leading to car fires or other hazards
  • Defective accelerators

Is your car crashworthy?

One of the precautions that automobile manufacturers take to ensure the safety of their vehicles is to test for crashworthiness. For a car to be considered “crashworthy,” it must be able to withstand a crash enough to result in minimal injury to passengers. This concept is one of the most common arguments to supplement car defect cases, as it is an industry-wide standard that cars have sufficient safety capabilities.

Seek Compensation from a Negligent Auto Manufacturer

Our Beaumont injury attorneys want to help you fight for the compensation you deserve from the negligent parties responsible for the production of a defective vehicle. These cases can be complex and difficult to fight, as these large companies will do all they can to deny liability. Fortunately, we are a team of highly aggressive and competent legal professionals who are dedicated to success.

Actions we can take to recover for you include:
  • Compile medical records and evidence to prove that the accident was caused by the car
  • Examine the vehicle to determine the hidden dangers and defects
  • Identify the responsible manufacturer, retailer, distributor or servicing agent
  • Investigate whether or not the liable party took necessary action to anticipate or prevent injury
  • Assess and maximize a crashworthiness claim’s value
  • Seek maximum resolution through negotiation or litigation

Hire a Board Certified Personal Injury Lawyer

At Brasher Law Firm, PLLC, we have made it our mission to face manufacturers who were negligent in producing a safe vehicle for consumers. You are entitled to seek compensation for injuries sustained as a result of the defects or inadequate crashworthiness of your car. We have the experience and expertise you need to ensure that financial damages are covered by liable parties.

Our firm works only off contingency fees, which means that you won’t have to pay us if we don’t recover for you. We will work with your case one-on-one to ensure that you get the attention you need to build an aggressive and efficient personal injury lawsuit. Don’t let an automobile company get away with a defective product; let us help you fight for justice.

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I was scared to death after being on the witness stand for several hours. Clint Brasher kept reassuring me but, when we broke the trial for the day and I was offered $100,000.00, I wanted to take it. Clint advised me not to and that we would do better with the jury. While it was hard, I followed his advice. The verdict the next day was for $240,000.00 plus interest. I recommend anyone with a legal problem to call Clint Brasher. He was not only a skillful advocate, he was a friend to me during this difficult time.

Edward Arabie

After being told by multiple lawyers that I really had no case or that my chances of being awarded any settlement was very slim, I was referred to the Brasher Law firm. Nishi worked on my case and with very little effort on my part, she put together my case with an opening statement and presentation that put my opponent on their heels. She set a goal from the start and didn’t relent until her goal was met and I got what was owed me. Thank you Nishi for knocking it out of the park!

L. Smith