Bad Faith FAQ Part 2

If you or someone you love believes your insurance company may have acted in bad faith and cheated you out of the settlement, compensation or protection you rightfully deserved, you may be wondering what to do next. The lawyers here at Brasher Law Firm, PLLC have decades of experience handling bad faith insurance cases and we are dedicated to defending the rights of individuals and families against these types of bad faith insurance practices.

Our lead lawyer has been honored with membership in the esteemed Million Dollar Advocates Forum® and has been recognized by the Texas Trial Lawyers Association as a Top 100 Trial Lawyer. If you have questions about “bad faith” insurance, the following information may be able to provide you with the answers you seek. If you need legal representation in a bad faith insurance claim, contact our firm now.

There are times in which an insurance company may have a valid reason for denying an insurance claim. If you provided false or inaccurate information when applying for your policy, have violated the terms of your contractual agreement, or the incident in question is not validly covered under your policy, then your insurance company has the right to deny coverage. When an insurance company fails to fulfill their obligation to act in good faith or attempts to seek out reasons which could justify their denial, their actions are considered to be done in bad faith.

One of the main problems with insurance policies is they are often quite confusing and contain a number of loopholes which could prevent you from being able to recover the compensation and benefits you are rightfully owed. If your insurance company has continuously denied a claim that you believe to be valid, we advise you contact our firm at once. We will review your policy and claim, then advise you of your rights and whether you have grounds to file a bad faith insurance claim.

Offering an unreasonable settlement or attempting a policy holder into accepting a settlement far below what he or she is rightfully owed is a type of bad faith. Do not accept a lowball settlement or give in to the idea that the offer is the best you are likely to receive. Contact our firm so one of our lawyers can review your case and advise you on how to proceed.

Pursuing legal action against your insurer will give you the opportunity to get the benefits and compensation you are eligible to receive, providing your insurance company or insurer are found to have acted in bad faith and wrongfully denied your claim. In these types of cases, you may also be able to request financial remuneration for the emotional distress, lost income, attorney fees and other expenses you have had to incur. In instances of gross negligence or intentional wrongdoing, the court may consider awarding punitive damages as well.

We have seen our fair share of unjust conduct on behalf of insurance providers over the years and we are well aware of the lengths to which insurance companies will go to maintain their bottom line. We understand how frustrating it can be to have your insurance company deny your claim, attempt to offer a substandard settlement or delay payment to the point where you are left financially liable. It is for that reason we are here to provide those who have fallen victim to bad faith insurance practices with the aggressive defense they deserve.

Call our law firm today so that we can have one of our experienced Texas bad faith insurance lawyers analyze your case and advise you of the legal options available.