Brasher Law Firm Continues Success in Recovering Damages for Church

The First Baptist Church of Vidor was still battling their insurance company over damages from Hurricane Rita when Southeast Texas was battered by a second massive hurricane-Hurricane Ike. Ike was as destructive as Rita on the Church’s buildings. The metal roof of the Fellowship Hall was peeled back by the high winds, allowing heavy rain to pour into the structure. Ceilings collapsed, and the classrooms were rendered useless.

Because of their difficulties with their insurance company following Rita, the Church purchased insurance from a different company, with the hope of a quick and equitable claims resolution. Sadly, however, the story was all too familiar for the church when their new company claimed that much of the damage to their campus buildings was caused by Hurricane Rita and denied a substantial portion of the Ike damage. Says Pastor Terry Wright,”While the two Hurricanes both damaged our campus, the Church never expected nor asked our insurance company to pay for damages that the previous company should pay. It was and is important for the members of our congregation to be treated fairly by their insurance company as we feel we need to be fair, too. The buildings on our grounds represent years of great sacrifice from our members. As a Church, we are glad to finally receive fair compensation for our damages and move beyond this chapter.”

Once again, the Brasher Law Firm was retained to protect First Baptist’s interest, Brasher organized a legal team and group of experienced experts that sought to properly distinguish Ike damage from Rita damage, a job that should have been performed by the insurance company. Brasher’s team undertook the daunting task to counter the insurance company’s efforts to trivialize the damages the church sustained, particularly the decimated Fellowship Hall.

Despite the overwhelming evidence presented by Brasher’s experts, the insurance company continued to drag out the battle in its attempt to minimize its obligation to compensate the church for its losses. Church Mutual made two payments to the Church totaling $617,918.37 before the Brasher Law Firm became involved. After a mini-trial on the matter, First Baptist Church of Vidor was awarded an additional $701,477.05, making the total recovery for Hurricane Ike $1,319,395.42.

This is the second time in a little over a year that Brasher Law Firm has secured an award for The First Baptist Church of Vidor. Previously the church as awarded $1,714,566.10 for damages resulting from Hurricane Rita.