Brasher Speaks to Local Students on Constitution Day

September 17, 2016 marks 229 years since the Founding Fathers of the United States signed the Constitution. The Earhart School, a Beaumont area charter school, celebrated by inviting Clint Brasher to speak to an assembly of students. Clint is passionate about the Constitution and taught the assembly why we needed it, how it works, and gave some current examples of its application.

Brasher Law Firm attorney, Clint Brasher, addresses the students at The Earhart School

Brasher Law Firm attorney Clint Brasher addresses the students at The Earhart School

Our Constitution has stood the test of time. Since the signing, there have only been a handful of major changes. Trial by jury is one of those rights protected by the Constitution that is constantly under fire. Clint feels strongly that it is important to protect these rights and tried to help students understand why. He hopes that the students gained some insight as to why this document is so special.