Can I Sue My Insurance Company If They Did Not Investigate My Claim?

It is important for insurance consumers to be aware that their insurance company is not necessarily on their side after a claim is filed. The goal of an insurance company is to collect premiums from their consumers and avoid paying money for claims filed. Their goal is not always to pay for the claims filed by their policy holders. When you file a claim, you need to be aware of how the insurance company wants the claim to end and how that differs from what you need and want. While there are honorable insurance company representatives that do want to help people in need, there are also some who do all they can to cheat their consumers out of the money they deserve. One of the most common ways that insurance providers avoid paying on claims is not investigating them in the first place.

After a customer files a claim, the insurance company is supposed to investigate the claim and then offer the compensation that they see fit for the situation. Unfortunately, all too often they do not investigate and they simply reduce or deny the claim. If your insurance provider denied your claim without even investigating your claim, you can sue for bad faith insurance. For help in this process, contact a Texas insurance bad faith lawyer from Brasher Law Firm, PLLC. Investigations generally include a person being sent to examine the damaged property and determining the validity of your claim. If they do not do so, you may be able to receive compensation not only for your property damage claim, but also for the bad faith you experienced from your insurance company. Team up with a Texas bad faith insurance attorney from our firm for help in your case. The clients we take on do not have to pay us unless we recover damages in their case. You have nothing to lose, call today for a free consultation!