FEMA Waives and Extends Proof of Loss Requirement for Harvey Victims

This week, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) issued a memorandum that waives the requirement that National Flood Insurance Policy policyholders have to submit and sign a proof of loss or sign an adjuster’s report prior to receiving payment on their claim. Now, the insurance company is directed to pay policyholders, as soon as possible and without the need for this extra step in signing and swearing to a proof of loss form or signing and swearing to an adjuster’s report / estimate of damages.

Additionally, if policyholders believe that there are extra or additional damages not covered by the adjuster’s report / estimate, then they are given one year from the date of loss to sign and submit their proof of loss of damages. This is significant as policyholders can now get independent contractors or adjusters to evaluate and assess their damages to see if all damages were covered by the insurance company’s adjuster in his/her estimate.

Moreover, the memorandum makes clear that your insurance carrier is to pay your claim as quickly as possible.

To read the full memorandum, please click here.

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