Signs of Bad Faith Insurance

Insurance companies are supposed to act in good faith which means acting fairly to the people insured by their company. Unfortunately, many companies do not always treat their customers in the fair and honest manner that they should. There is also not much room for customers to negotiate the insurance offers. The law protects individuals against this disparate bargaining power that the insurance company has. If insurance companies do not act fairly they may receive penalties for their actions. If you are receiving unfair and dishonest treatment from your insurance company contact a Texas insurance bad faith attorney from Brasher Law Firm, PLLC. We only stand up for customers, never insurance companies and we may be able to help you. Some signs that you are experiencing bad faith include an insurance company that:

Fails to promptly process a claim for benefits

Demands unreasonable forms when processing a claim for benefits

Claims to lose or not obtain information necessary to a claim

Claims that the customer was late on providing information for a claim

Refuses to thoroughly investigate a claim

Pays only part of the benefits that a person is owed through their insurance policy

Low-balls the customer, meaning submission of an unreasonably low offer

Fails to follow laws in the state regulating the process of filing a claim

Gives excuses to deny or delay a claim

Fails to perform in the way that they represented when they sold the policy

Insurance companies can act in bad faith in many different ways. Our firm is experienced when it comes to representing clients against these types of behavior. We never represent insurance companies, we are dedicated to helping individuals who are suffering from the actions of insurance companies. If you need help with your claim for benefits contact a Texas bad faith insurance lawyer from our firm right away.