The Brasher Bulletin January 2024

A Recap of Our Biggest Achievements in 2023
It would be impossible to start 2024 without looking back at what an amazing 2023 our firm had. Recently, Nishi had the opportunity to defend a Hurricane Laura verdict at the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans.

It was in August of 2020 when a Dry Creek, Louisiana, church first filed an insurance claim after Hurricane Laura, the first Category 4 hurricane to …


Big Plans, Bigger Offices, and New Cases for 2024
Looking back at all 2023 had to offer, we can’t ignore everything planned for 2024. We still have people to help and cases to fight for, so we’re looking to expand our Houston office and surrounding area.

We also have an upcoming trial in February 2024 we’re excited about. Our client was taking the Galveston ferry boat to Port Arthur. She had taken this ferry thousands of times before. After it was safe to do so, she exited her vehicle and …


The Stray Dog Who Captured the World’s Heart
We often think dogs live the good life, as they seem to do nothing but play, eat, and sleep. Yet, some dogs are busy at work, some without being asked to do so! Take Kupata, the stray dog in Georgia, for example. This street-roaming pup takes it upon himself to guard a crosswalk all day, every day


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