Time to File Suit for Ida Claims

There have been many confusing posts about the time you have to file a lawsuit related to any dispute you have on your Ida claim.  Most disputes on these matters aren’t so much about outright denials, but it is that the insurance company failed to pay enough money to cover the damages.  The general rule in insurance, the indemnity principle, is that you should at least be put back in the position you were in before the loss.

While there are many other rules that apply to how insurance companies are supposed to treat you, it has been alarming to see references to a one-year limitation to bring suit.  Some of those advertisements and suggestions have come from people who would seem to know.  To be crystal clear, you have 2 years to bring a lawsuit for Ida damages.  The statute in Louisiana reads:

So, don’t panic.  You may not need a lawyer yet – maybe you are still negotiating with your insurance company.  But do not be pressured into hiring a lawyer based on deadlines that are not real.