Tropical Storm Imelda – Flood Insurance Proof of Loss Requirement

Proof of Loss Form Tropical Storm Imelda Proof of Loss Requirements – Deadline November 16, 2019

While Tropical Storm Imelda snuck up on a lot of us here in Southeast Texas, don’t let the deadline to file your Proof of Loss sneak up on you. Under a flood policy, you have 60 days from the flood to file a Proof of Loss for the damages you sustained from the flood. This includes your dwelling damage as well as your personal property damage.

This deadline is strictly enforced. While the WYO Carriers may pay you money beyond this time period, if you fail to meet this deadline you waive your right to contest the amount you were paid in a court of law. And, while your flood claim is more limited in a court of law than other insurance claims, you still maintain a right to request damages in court if you were denied or underpaid.

This deadline applies regardless what the adjuster says. The adjusters have no authority to waive this requirement so take it seriously. Here is a good document from FEMA outlining the steps you should take: Flood Step by Step Process.

If you note, FEMA states this in the document:

It is your responsibility to complete Proof of Loss, not adjusters.

As you can see, it is your responsibility to comply with the deadlines in the flood policy. Tropical Storm Imelda hit our area on September 17, 2019. Your requirement to file a Proof of Loss is within 60 Days or November 16, 2019.

Here is a link for a FEMA Proof of Loss form to complete if you need one:

So, work with your adjuster to reach a settlement of your claim. It is my understanding that the adjusters are withholding the dwelling settlements until you submit a content claim. Quickly work to submit the content claim so you can make these deadlines.

Sometimes FEMA extends this deadline – make sure and keep refreshed at the FEMA site for this event.  Otherwise, adhere to the contractual deadlines.