Fight Payment Delays for Insurance Claims in Beaumont, Houston and Lake Charles

The insurance industry is notorious for taking advantage of individuals who are desperate for coverage in order to maximize their profits. Of their many bad faith tactics, one of the most common is to unreasonably delay payment of valid insurance claims. It is true that investigations take time and that the full process of handling a claim can be lengthy. However, many policy holders are subjected to the frustration and outrage of being forced to wait an arbitrary period of time before finally receiving an offer of payment, which then often constitutes an egregious underpayment on the claim.

At Brasher Law Firm, PLLC, we are determined to help you seek justice against insurance providers in Beaumont, Houston and Lake Charles who attempt to manipulate you by delaying payments. When disaster strikes and your property is destroyed, you want to begin the process of rebuilding as soon as possible so that you can move on with your life. Insurance companies recognize the pressure that can build when you do not have the funds for necessary and critical repairs. By delaying payment for coverage that you are entitled to, they are capitalizing on your stress and desperation in the hopes that you will accept a low-ball offer.

An insurance provider can delay payments by the following methods:

  • Stalling investigations by an adjuster
  • Changing your representative
  • Requesting unnecessary records and documents
  • Requesting information in increments

Statute of Limitations

Another reason that insurance providers may be stalling a settlement is to force unaware policy-holders to exceed the statute of limitations on their insurance claim so that they are unable to take legal action against them. In Texas, if an individual does not file a lawsuit against their provider within two years after an incident, they forfeit the right to sue altogether. This means that insurance providers can get away with offering you less money than you are due under your policy without legal pressure.

Our team of Texas bad faith insurance attorneys encourages you to seek our legal counsel immediately so that we can help you ensure that your insurance agency is honoring their contractual obligations to you in a timely and efficient manner. We are dedicated to ensuring that you understand all of your rights and that you receive the coverage you are rightfully entitled to under your insurance policy.

Don’t Let Insurance Companies Manipulate You

When you faithfully pay your premiums and maintain your obligations to an insurance company, you have the right to expect that they will handle your claims promptly and fairly. However, too often, adjustors will use intentional delay tactics to frustrate the policy holder into accepting a settlement that is less than what he or she deserves. Insurance companies know that they have a distinct advantage over their customers who file claims. They know that the period following a hurricanefiretornado, or other disaster is often one of considerable financial hardship.

Finances that can add up following a disaster include funds for:

  • Temporary shelter
  • Permanent relocation
  • Replacement of clothing
  • Replacement of other personal belongings
  • Medical bills
  • Repairs
  • Rebuilding

Providers recognize the immediacy and costliness of these needs and know that making you wait can coerce you into taking a smaller check, assuming that you will be desperate for any amount at all.

Let a Texas & Louisiana Insurance Bad Faith Lawyer Help You Fight Back

When you hire a bad faith insurance attorney from Brasher Law Firm, PLLC, you may be able to not only recover the full payment you deserve on the original claim, but to win monetary damages and penalties for the wrongs you have suffered as well. Our firm services all of Beaumont and Houston, TX along with Lake Charles, LA. We are a firm that is committed to ensuring that you get the compensation you deserve, which is why we work on a contingency fee basis. This means that you will not pay us any attorney’s fees unless we recover for you.

We serve residents living all throughout Louisiana and Texas; call our office today at (888) 989-2889.


Our claim was complicated by the fact that our Declarations page did not correctly state the coverages for our commercial buildings. Without your firm, we had gotten nowhere with the insurance company or agent. With the help of The Brasher Law Firm, we not only received the money we needed to fix our buildings, but a little more. I have no problem recommending your firm to anyone with an insurance dispute.

Glenda ThompsonSecretary/Treasurer of Snappy’s Express Mart (relating to Snappy’s Convenience Store and Mini Storage Units)

I was referred to Nishi and Brasher Law Firm after my father had trouble getting paid for a claim from his insurance company. Not only did I find Nishi to be prompt, courteous and professional… but she was also extremely knowledgeable and efficient. There aren’t enough available stars for my family to express our gratitude for her service! Thank You!

D. Ware