A Soccer Love Story

            Love comes in many forms, and we believe this Valentine’s Day it is important to recognize it. We see it everyday with our clients. We see it with our clients who try to provide a roof over their families’ heads even when their insurance company will not pay them to replace the roof after a storm.  We see it with our clients who are barely coping with their pain after being involved in a horrible crash, through no fault of their own.  We see it in our clients struggling to make sense of a loss of a loved one after a horrific medical error.  With all this pain, it can be easy to lose hope.  But that’s what our job is at Brasher Law Firm.  To give our clients hope.  To recognize their pain and say “we see it, we believe you, and we will fight for you.”

            We take this mentality both in and out of the courtroom.  And believe that hope should extend to the larger community we serve.  We did it after Hurricane Harvey tore our community apart by going door to door and helping our neighbors, friends, and strangers rebuild.  We hosted free legal seminars so folks would know what to do. 

And most recently, our managing partner, Clint Brasher, managed to serve the larger community by volunteering his time serving as the Interim Monsignor Kelly High School Men’s Soccer Coach.  Clint is a nationally licensed soccer coach and it has been a passion of his for the last decade.  The men’s varsity team was 0-3, and in last place when Mr. Brasher took over, right before Christmas.  He helped build these young men’s confidence and hope and instituted a “can do” spirit that helped the team win six of their remaining nine matches, tying for third overall.  The team qualified for the state playoffs.   Kelly became a force to be reckoned with, defeating Awty International High School (3-0) at home, The Village School (2-0) at Village, defeating St. Pius twice, and beating Katy St. John twice.  Five young men from Kelly were placed on first, second, or honorable mention at all district.  The Junior Varsity team saw success as well under Mr. Brasher’s leadership, breaking the school record with 5 overall wins.  Congratulations to the Monsignor Kelly High School Men’s Soccer Teams on your successful season!