Brasher Law Firm Gets Local Resident Riding Again

Hurricane Harvey caused mayhem in Southeast Texas.  And, while struggling to repair a flooded home, many Southeast Texans could at least find solace in a prompt adjustment of their flooded vehicle.  That was the case for Mr. Magee – at least for one of the cars in his garage.  Parked next to his flooded Nissan Altima was his Suzuki Bergman motorbike.  His insurance company totaled his Altima. Because the bike was only worth a few thousand dollars, Mr. Magee attempted to repair it himself – using his local mechanic.  And, while water was found in the motorbike, they got it running.  But it kept having problems.

Mr. Magee next to his new motorbike.

So, a few months later, he notified his insurance company of the claim.  He was met with rejection several times, even after Cowboy Powersports took it apart and identified the water in the engine components.  His insurance claim was denied. Not satisfied and not understanding the denial, he came to Brasher Law Firm.

While the matter seemed small, to Brasher Law Firm it wasn’t about the amount of the damaged motorbike. According the Brasher, “if insurance companies treat small claims with clear coverage like this, imagine how they might treat larger claims.”  At Brasher Law Firm, we hold insurance companies accountable for the policies they sale and the promises they make.  After providing notice to the insurance company, Brasher Law Firm filed suit and set the case for trial. 

Before trial, the case settled for a confidential amount.  Brasher Law Firm is proud of the work it did and happy to help Texans get what they are owed from their insurance company.  Trust Brasher Law Firm with your insurance disputes. Our website has multiple pages of content demonstrating the different types of denied or underpaid claims we handle. Mr. Magee can attest – at Brasher Law Firm we treat every claim like it is our only claim.