Brasher Law Firm Sues Hartford for COVID-19 Business Interruption Denial

COVID-19Brasher Law Firm filed a lawsuit against The Hartford insurance group and its subsidiary for failing to pay a business interruption claim due to business closure.  The business, Risinger Nelson Orthodontics, was forced to close due to State and County Orders as well as guidance from the American Dental Association.  The practice purchased insurance to cover business interruption due governmental order and that covers loss or damage without any exclusions for virus.  Like other businesses, the practice purchased all-risk insurance – meaning that the insurance covers all loss except those that are excluded.  The policy has no exclusion for viruses.

Regarding the recent filing, Clint Brasher, managing partner of the firm said:  “Our firm has been protecting policyholders for the last 15 years – individuals, businesses, large corporations.  We have been reviewing policies and the litany of excuses made public by the insurers for weeks.  We will work hard to hold the insurance companies to their promises.”

Brasher Law Firm is determined to hold insurance companies accountable to the promises they sale their policyholders.  In Texas, as in other States, insurance companies should cover losses unless they have a clear exclusion exempting them from coverage.  This is the promise they sell – and the promise policyholders purchase.  And they promise they should keep.

Contact Brasher Law Firm if you have questions about your business loss.  For no charge, we will review your insurance policy and have consultation with you regarding the applicable coverage for your loss.

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