Need a Lawyer for your Tornado Damage Claim in Texas?

    Tornados are very common in the state of Texas, in fact, from 1991 to 2010 the state had about 155 tornadoes each year. This percentage of tornado frequency is over 50% more than any other state in the United States. Most homeowners, church owners and business owners have some sort of insurance policy to protect against tornado damage in Texas. […]

    Attorney Fees – Who Pays Them in Insurance Case?

    In the course of my career, I have spent about half my professional time working on cases that do not allow for the recovery of attorney fees against the defendant and half where it does. In any event, I have exclusively represented people on a “contingency fee” basis — meaning, if I am not successful (either in settlement or trial), […]

    Whose Job Is It Anyway?

    An insurance agreement is a contract between a policyholder and an insurance company. Most of the contracts spell out whose job it is to investigate the loss. Many policies track the language of the Texas Insurance Code respecting such duties. Even if the contract leaves out the “investigate” language (see below) in the “Our Duties After Loss,” they still owe the duty under Texas Insurance Code. […]

    When and How to File a Bad Faith Insurance Claim

    After suffering from injuries in an accident or damage to your property, you expect your insurance company to help and provide you with the compensation that you need. Unfortunately, there are times when insurance companies do not act in a fair and honest manner. Some ways in which insurance companies do not act in good faith include: Refusing to pay […]

    Can My Insurance Company Cancel My Policy?

    Oftentimes insurance companies will cancel policies without having the required reasons to do so. An insurance company is not allowed to simply cancel a policy out of the blue. Purchasing an insurance policy forms a contract between you and your insurance company. There are duties of the company along with the consumer when it comes to acting in good faith and following the terms of […]

    Signs of Bad Faith Insurance

    Insurance companies are supposed to act in good faith which means acting fairly to the people insured by their company. Unfortunately, many companies do not always treat their customers in the fair and honest manner that they should. There is also not much room for customers to negotiate the insurance offers. The law protects individuals against this disparate bargaining power […]

    The Texas Insurance Code Provides Remedies if Payments Are Delayed

    Insurance premiums are one more obligation that responsible people remit every month to protect against losses involving automobiles, homes, businesses and health. When policy holders have paid what was due and then unexpected events trigger that insurance coverage, they have every right to expect what they paid for and not have to experience delays in payment. When an insurance company […]

    Beware of Your Mortgage Lender’s Practices

    The housing crisis, economic downturn, and confusion regarding mortgages that have been sold to different banks again and again have created a climate ripe for mortgage abuse cases. Distressed homeowners, facing threats of potential foreclosure, are often unaware of lender abuses or unsure where to turn for assistance. Last month, Chase Home Finance LLC agreed to a settlement of over […]

    Hailstorms in Texas cause $1 billion in property damage claims

    Many people assume that the most destructive weather events are hurricanes and tornadoes. While these powerful storms can leave an area devastated, hailstorms cause the most damage to homes, vehicles and businesses in the state of Texas. Unfortunately, many homeowners may not be insured for hail damage since the coverage is not automatically included in many insurance policies. This may leave many […]