New Proposal Aimed at Reducing Truck and Bus Rollover Accidents

    Earlier this week, a government agency proposed that all manufacturers should be required to equip large trucks and buses with electronic stability control systems. The goal of the proposal made by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is to prevent rollover bus and truck accidents. Rollovers often occur due to skidding on slick roads, or swerving to avoid debris […]

    Texas cities institute texting bans while state drags its feet

    Getting distracted driving legislation passed into law in Texas has been an upward struggle. The state’s culture of personal liberty has stymied efforts by state legislators to enact a texting while driving ban for all motorists. Now, municipalities across the state are taking the matter into their own hands and seeking to lower the number of Texas distracted driver accidents by […]

    Twelve-year trend of daily Texas auto accident fatalities

    The last day that Texas went one day without a traffic fatality, Gladiator and Almost Famous were showing at the movie theatre, U2 had an album of the year and the Britney Spears song “Oops! … I did it again” was playing on pop radio stations. It was November of 2000. Over the past twelve years, more than 40,000 people […]

    New Research Shows Limiting Commercial Truck Speeds Improves Safety

    It may seem like common sense that when commercial trucks go slower they are involved in fewer crashes. Unfortunately, truck drivers needing to travel a certain number of miles each day may sometimes be tempted to drive faster than they should. This is where a technology called a speed limiter comes into play. Such devices limit the top speed semis […]

    Truck Driver Fatigue a Common Cause of Semi Accidents

    Commercial truckers are familiar sights on the nation’s roadways. It seems like there is always a truck on the road no matter what time of day it is. Unfortunately, the long hours that truckers log may put themselves and other motorists in danger. In the United States each year, 5,000 people are killed and 150,000 injured in 18-wheeler accidents. Of […]

    Tractor-Trailers Jackknifing Cause Truck Accidents

    Most people have heard about commercial trucks jackknifing resulting in crashes. Unfortunately, such collisions are not uncommon. This type of 18-wheeler accident occurs in Texas and around the country, and can cause serious or fatal injuries to motorists. Jackknifing occurs when the trailer and the vehicle pulling it become out of sync. Instead of continuing forward in a straight line, […]

    Fatal Lawn Tractor Accidents: Zero-Turn Radius Mowers Overturn

    People often worry about car or truck collisions, but generally most aren’t concerned about potential accidents involving riding lawn mowers or larger lawn tractors. Unfortunately, accidents on these vehicles can also be deadly, as a recent Texas mower accident tragically demonstrated. This past November, a 33-year-old contract worker mowing the right-of-way for a drainage area in Jefferson County was killed in […]

    Recent String of Bus Accidents Prompts Calls for New Regulations

    A series of recent bus crashes have led for calls to improve the safety of the entire bus industry. Last year a serious crash in New York resulted in multiple fatalities and serious injuries, and just this week two people died in a Montana bus accident. Texas bus accidents have also resulted in deaths. One of the most serious occurred […]

    Chemical Release at Texas DuPont Plant

    Earlier this month, a chemical release at the DuPont Beaumont plant resulted in a partial plant shut down. As a result of the Texas plant accident, one worker was taken to the hospital and 26 others were evaluated by an on-site physician, there have been no reported injuries. The chemical spill occurred in the morning while the plant was starting […]

    Newly Enforced Trucking Law Targeting Immigrants

    According to a report in the Houston Chronicle, many immigrant truck drivers are facing the possibility of losing their commercial driver licenses (CDLs) due to a provision in a law that was enacted three years ago, but rarely followed until now. Under Texas statutes, a person applying for a non-resident commercial driver’s license must present three items – a passport, […]