The Texas Insurance Code Provides Remedies if Payments Are Delayed

    Insurance premiums are one more obligation that responsible people remit every month to protect against losses involving automobiles, homes, businesses and health. When policy holders have paid what was due and then unexpected events trigger that insurance coverage, they have every right to expect what they paid for and not have to experience delays in payment. When an insurance company […]

    Insurance is Essential for Businesses in Disaster-prone Areas

    Any business can succumb to an unexpected disaster, and purchasing adequate property insurance coverage is important for every small business owner. But, in some parts of the country, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and other destructive natural phenomena present unique recurring threats. Business owners should carefully consider just what level of coverage is appropriate to offset normal risks, as well as whether […]

    Beware of Your Mortgage Lender’s Practices

    The housing crisis, economic downturn, and confusion regarding mortgages that have been sold to different banks again and again have created a climate ripe for mortgage abuse cases. Distressed homeowners, facing threats of potential foreclosure, are often unaware of lender abuses or unsure where to turn for assistance. Last month, Chase Home Finance LLC agreed to a settlement of over […]

    The case for sobriety checkpoints in Texas: Part I

    New Year’s Eve has come and gone. Though New Year’s Eve is notorious for the number of drunk driving accidents that occur on roads in Texas and across the nation on that day and deep into the night, December 31 is not the only night of the year that bears witness to devastating drunk driving accidents. In an effort to […]

    Brasher Law Firm Continues Success in Recovering Damages for Church

    The First Baptist Church of Vidor was still battling their insurance company over damages from Hurricane Rita when Southeast Texas was battered by a second massive hurricane-Hurricane Ike. Ike was as destructive as Rita on the Church’s buildings. The metal roof of the Fellowship Hall was peeled back by the high winds, allowing heavy rain to pour into the structure. […]

    What steps should I take if my home experiences hail damage?

    It is not uncommon for homeowners in Texas to experience hail damage to their property. Unlike hurricanes, hailstorms can occur quickly and damage may be localized. These storms can cause damage to roofs, vehicles and other property. In order for property owners to receive the maximum amount of compensation from their insurance company, it is important that they take a […]

    Are Funds Available to Pay Texas Hurricane Insurance Claims?

    As Hurricane Isaac makes landfall, it is a grim reminder to all on the Gulf Coast that hurricane season is well underway. This has led some in Texas to question whether sufficient funds are available to pay claims in the state stemming from hurricane damage. Currently, due to cancellations by private insurers, the Texas Windstorm Insurance Agency (TWIA) supplies policies […]

    Types of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

    According to the latest statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are over 16,000 nursing homes in the United States with over 1.5 million people living in those facilities. Unfortunately, many of those residents also find themselves the victims of abuse and neglect at the hands of nursing home staff. Just how many elderly people are suffering […]

    Hailstorms in Texas cause $1 billion in property damage claims

    Many people assume that the most destructive weather events are hurricanes and tornadoes. While these powerful storms can leave an area devastated, hailstorms cause the most damage to homes, vehicles and businesses in the state of Texas. Unfortunately, many homeowners may not be insured for hail damage since the coverage is not automatically included in many insurance policies. This may leave many […]

    Oil Field Workers Face Serious Dangers On the Road

    Imagine driving home after working 17 hours straight on an oil field. The fatigue oil field workers experience after laboring for long hours in sometimes extreme weather conditions should be no surprise. Unfortunately, such fatigue frequently leads to motor vehicle accidents. Such accidents are the number one cause of fatalities in the oil industry. In the past 10 years, over […]