Technology to Help Improve Teen Driving

    Turning sixteen and gaining the freedom that comes with a driver’s license is a major step forward toward adulthood. At this stage, parents need to trust that their teens will drive safely and make the right choices while behind the wheel – the way they were taught. Making good decisions and implementing safe driving practices can be difficult when a […]

    Texas Lawmakers Trying to Ban Texting While Driving

    In an effort to prevent car accidents, roughly 30 states have passed rules which restrict texting while driving, and that number is increasing each year. Texas currently does not have a statewide ban in place, although major cities within the state have passed their own rules preventing drivers from texting while driving. Legislators have attempted to pass bills in several […]

    Construction Accidents Can Lead to Compensation for Victims

    Recently, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration cited a roofing company for a construction accident that killed a worker at a Texas jobsite. An employee doing roof repair work fell 30 feet after the roof gave way. An investigation revealed that Spray Polyurethane Foam did not analyze the roof to determine if it was structurally sound. Additionally, the company was […]