Brasher Law Firm Hosting Houston Informational Session

    Insurance claims can be daunting, especially after a disaster has taken so much from so many.  Brasher Law Firm is committed to providing residents throughout Southeast Texas with the support to get through these trying times. For the victims of Hurricane Harvey in the Houston area, Brasher Law Firm will host a seminar to provide information and resources to help […]

    FEMA Waives and Extends Proof of Loss Requirement for Harvey Victims

    This week, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) issued a memorandum that waives the requirement that National Flood Insurance Policy policyholders have to submit and sign a proof of loss or sign an adjuster’s report prior to receiving payment on their claim. Now, the insurance company is directed to pay policyholders, as soon as possible and without the need for this extra […]

    The Truth about Insurance Law Changes

    During the course of Hurricane Harvey ravaging Southeast Texas, Corpus Christi, Dickinson, Rockport, Houston and surrounding counties, like Jefferson, Orange, Hardin, Jasper, Tyler, etc…, speculation from both sides of the aisle spread like wildfire about what the new changes to the Texas Insurance Code would mean for victims of Hurricane Harvey. People barely made it to shelters, and the sponsor […]

    Resource Guide for Hurricane Harvey Victims

    It can be terrifying to figure out where to start or what to do in the aftermath of a natural disaster like Hurricane Harvey. Therefore, we’ve created a free resource guide, that we strongly encourage you to share with your family, friends, neighbors, and loved ones who may have been affected by this horrific disaster and in need of some […]

    Different Types Of Insurance That Relate To Hurricane Harvey

    A Quick Summary of Relevant Law DIFFERENT TYPES OF INSURANCE THAT RELATE TO HURRICANE HARVEY With Hurricane Harvey there have been a lot of questions about different types of coverages available to people to compensate them for their losses.  Starting with the 130mph winds in Rockport and Corpus Christi to the floods in Houston to who knows what in the […]

    Where the Promises End and Bad Faith Begins – Part II

    So you have paid your annual premiums for Long Term Care for 30 years. Now you need to collect. You are managing your parents’ account and you need to place a parent in an assisted living facility. Thank goodness you purchased long term care. Think again. The long-term care policy your parent purchased was written in a time when the […]

    What are Long Term Care Policies? Part I of II

    A popular insurance product that is currently being pushed to us is long term care policies. I just recently received an email from my college suggesting I look into this. My college joined with an insurance company to promote this product to its alumni. At the same time, I am reviewing my mother’s finances as my father recently passed. She […]

    Nishi Kothari joins Brasher Law Firm

    Brasher Law Firm is welcoming a new member to its elite team of attorneys. Nishi Kothari, a graduate of the University of Texas School of Law, who previously spent time as a Limited Partner at Arguello, Hope, and Associates, PLLC., is the newest addition to the Texas Law Firm. Ms. Kothari spent her time at Arguello, Hope and Associates, focusing her […]

    Supreme Court defends Insurance Code while Republican legislatures try to destroy it

    The Texas Supreme Court handed down a significant case on April 7, 2017, outlining the rights, duties, and remedies available to Texas policyholders. These rights are found in what we lawyers refer to as the Texas Insurance Code (“Code”). The Code provides protections against: 1. Unfair settlement practices 2. Misrepresentations 3. Late payments of insurance proceeds when a claim is […]

    Insurance companies and their lobbies paying a lot for change in the law

    While Texas insurance companies are making money hand over fist, they are also claiming a litigation crisis is taking place that has forced them to alter and exclude certain coverages from their policies and increase premiums to policy holders. Meanwhile, insurance advocates are pressuring state lawmakers to change litigations laws that would adversely affect the policyholders they should be working […]